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About Shelley

Shelley is a successful top booking British VO talent,

(well…Welsh to be exact). She's an international voiceover coach, booth director and casting director and is well known for her upbeat and fun attitude and is a sought after VO coach for newbies and veterans alike in the industry.  As a working VO talent herself for over a decade, Shelley covers most genres within the industry, which makes her a well rounded coach, able to help you up your game in auditioning and booking. Check out Shelley's voiceover website here.


As a casting and booth director, Shelley understands what's booking and this also gives her invaluable insight into what directors are usually looking for when it comes to auditions. With her 30 years of teaching experience and musical ear, Shelley has the unique ability of getting her students to trust themselves, work outside their comfort zone, and take their reads to the next level. Whether you are new to the business or a veteran, you will come away feeling energised, motivated, and ready to put all that you've learned into practice.


Shelley absolutely loves the business side of voiceover too and offers both Business and Marketing Coaching for all levels of talent. Having lived and worked all over the world, Shelley coaches talent on how to market themselves not only in their own country, but all around the globe. Marketing can definitely be daunting, so if you need a helping hand to launch your VO career and make that first impression count, or expand your current client base, Shelley is the coach for you.  

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Coaching Services

Shelley coaches students from all over the world via Zoom, so you can literally be based anywhere and still get awesome voiceover training, plus all sessions are recorded and sent to the students after their session. Here's how it works: choose the session or package that you need, whether it's focused on performance, business or a mixture of the two and book the session through Calendly, it's as easy as that. If you'd like a package that's not listed, just email me at Shelley is happy to work on any bespoke package, depending on what your needs are. Not sure where to start? Don't hesitate to reach out for your private FREE 20 min coaching consult below.


Please note: All packages are individual sessions lasting approx 60 minutes and need to be scheduled within a year of purchase. If you need to cancel for any reason, please give 24hr notice or the cost of your session will be lost. 

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Why coach with Shelley?

I first came to Shelley for instruction in medical narration. Although she is an absolute legend in that arena, it does not mean she’s a slouch in other genres. Quite the contrary! Shelley has put me through the VO ringer - helping me get from simply a dude with a demo to *actually* working as a professional voice actor. From impeccable performance techniques to setting up the essential (yet boring) business aspects to optimizing your P2P profiles to establishing effective marketing strategies - Shelley has you covered!

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1 Hr Private Coaching Session - $150

Shelley's private sessions are conducted over Zoom, so you can be based anywhere in the world.  The session will also be recorded and sent to the student after the lesson. She coaches in VO Performance in most genres and covers all aspects of VO Business and Marketing. Shelley also specialises in eLearning and Medical Narration Performance and International Marketing.

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20 Min Audition Coaching - $40

If you are having some trouble nailing that big audition. Book Shelley for a 20 min session to help you dial in your performance. As a casting director, Shelley knows what's booking and can give you a second set of ears, to help you think outside the box and hopefully get you booked!


1 Hr International Marketing Session - $175

In this session, Shelley will cover aspects of international marketing. She has lived and secured clients all over the world and because of this success in navigating the intricacies and nuances involved in doing business with different countries and cultures, Shelley helps VO talent not only learn how to market themselves locally and internationally, but also how to negotiate worldwide rates and usage.


30 Min Demo Consultation - $60

If you would like a second pair of ears for your new or existing demo, Shelley will help you figure out if it's the right demo for the right market.  Whether it needs a shake up and if it still relevant. Are the order of the spots working for you. Plus she can refer some great demo producers that can work in your specific area of expertise. 


Fundamentals of Voiceover Course - $700

This is a curriculum based course and consists of 5, 1 hour private sessions, ideally once a week.  Feedback will be given every week, along with homework and recording of each session. 

Please contact me via email for other bespoke packages below:

Package of 10, 1hr private coaching sessions in any topic: $1300 (Discount of $200)

Package of 4, 1hr private coaching sessions in any topic: $550 (Discount of $50)

Package of 3, 1hr private coaching sessions in any topic: $425 (Discount of $25)


Guest Coaching and Speaking

 Shelley absolutely loves to share her knowledge with the VO community and she is a sought after guest speaker and coach for conferences, webinars, VO training companies and podcasts.
If you would like to book Shelley to speak at an event, present at a conference, be a guest on your podcast or to run a coaching session, email her at: 

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